Forum: Build taxi stand outside Queenstown Polyclinic and community centre

My parents have lived in the Queenstown area for at least 50 years, and they are both over 70 years old now.

Very often, they have to visit Queenstown Polyclinic for their medical appointments.

My dad uses a wheelchair and my mum cannot walk or stand for a long time.

Each time they visit Queenstown Polyclinic, they need to take a taxi there. However, after the visit, they face difficulty in getting a cab home. There is no taxi stand in sight. They have to walk quite a distance before they reach a bus stop.

I have noticed many elderly residents facing the same struggle of getting a cab after they walk out of the polyclinic.

Recently, I took my parents to Queenstown Community Centre for vaccination, and noticed there is no taxi stand there too.

Queenstown is a mature estate where many residents are elderly people.

I hope the authorities will consider building a taxi stand outside the polyclinic and community centre - places the elderly frequently visit. This will greatly help residents there.

Rachel Goh

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