Forum: Bring together all building-related regulatory info in a single app

The authorities have been promoting a whole-of-government approach when engaging citizens. The reality is that many government agencies are still pushing out their own platforms and information, such as regulatory requirements and circulars, to engage stakeholders.

Take, for example, their dealings with those in the building-related industry.

The interaction between the various government agencies and key stakeholders (such as building owners and managing agents) has to be more customer-centric to bring about greater productivity and cost savings.

A building owner or management agent has to navigate a labyrinth of platforms (including websites, circulars and portals) when dealing with various government agencies.

The owner or agent needs to visit about 10 different websites for Covid-19 safety measures and matters relating to buildings, fire safety, water service, public health, and lease/land issues.

It is a nightmarish experience for a new managing agent to navigate this maze of information, trying to sieve out the regulatory requirements from each government agency.

Just as the Monetary Authority of Singapore rolled out the Singapore Financial Data Exchange, bringing all the information from multiple bank accounts under one roof to benefit end-users or consumers, it would be good if the Building and Construction Authority can work with the Smart Nation and Digital Government Group as well as various government agencies to roll out a single mobile app that brings together all building-related information and regulatory requirements under one roof.

The industry will definitely welcome this one-stop mobile app, which will facilitate business and regulatory transactions between various agencies and key stakeholders.

Amos Phua

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