Forum: Both preventive education and strong law enforcement are key to deterring drug use

We refer to the letters, "Teach children about impact of illicit drug use on health" by Ms Lee Yim May; and "Vigilance needed to deter people bringing in cannabis-infused products from overseas" by Mr Foo Sing Kheng (Sept 3).

Like Ms Lee, the Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) believes that preventive drug education is key to keeping our young ones safe from drugs. We work closely with parents, educators, national service institutions and other partners to educate the young on Singapore's drug laws.

CNB offers schools and institutes of higher learning talks, mobile exhibitions, skits and other interactive programmes that emphasise anti-drug messages.

Education, however, is but one part in ensuring that our people stay away from drugs. Strong law enforcement is also key to deter people from falling prey to the scourge of drugs and becoming profit streams for drug traffickers.

Mr Foo asked that the authorities exercise greater vigilance and invest in technology to prevent the flow of drugs into Singapore.

At the checkpoints, CNB and the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority perform regular checks and take action against those who flout Singapore's drug laws.

Portable devices are used to screen suspicious exhibits for controlled substances. Since March this year, CNB has started using new test kits that can detect a wider variety of drugs, and yield results up to four times faster.

We would like to remind the public to stay away from drugs even when overseas. Under the Misuse of Drugs Act, any Singapore citizen or permanent resident found to have consumed controlled drugs outside Singapore is liable for the drug consumption offence.

CNB also reminds everyone to follow these general travel safety tips:

Do not consume food and beverages from unknown sources.

Do not buy items and bring them back to Singapore without checking what they are made of. When in doubt on whether it is legal for an item in your possession to be brought into Singapore, please declare it to the authorities on arrival.

Audrey Ang

Director, Communications

Central Narcotics Bureau

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