Forum: Books helped me understand lives of migrant workers more

Two books written by a group of Raffles Institution students evoked deep thoughts and emotions in me.

My Mother's Half-Built House and My Father's Skyscraper Homes share stories that stir emotions and prompt reflection. They are stories of how migrant workers work tirelessly every day to build the HDB flats and condominiums we live in, how they take care of our families and loved ones when their own homes and their own families are miles away.

The workers have suffered setbacks in the Covid-19 pandemic, not being able to see their family for a long time.

The books helped me understand the stresses and strains of a migrant worker in Singapore, giving me an impetus to do my bit and make this an inclusive environment for them.

I encourage all children to read their heart-warming stories, focusing on the importance of a gracious society.

Thank you to those who wrote about these beacons of inspiration in our society. Hopefully, these books will help us to appreciate what we have, and to thank those we owe.

Avishi Gurnani, 11

Primary 5

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