Forum: Blood donation also strengthens resilience as a nation

I thank Forum writer Wong Shi Hui for sharing her blood donation experience (Conquer fears and help save lives by donating blood, July 22).

We applaud her for conquering her fear of giving blood and becoming a regular donor to save lives.

Many still have misconceptions and fears about blood donation. A local anaesthetic is applied to ensure that the process is as painless and comfortable as possible. Donors will feel only a small prick in the arm. We have addressed this and other common misconceptions on the Singapore Red Cross microsite ( and the Health Sciences Authority's website (

With each donation, Ms Wong can save up to three patients. However, she is just one of the 1.7 per cent of Singapore's residential population who donate blood. Of these, only 42 per cent are regular donors who donate at least twice a year.

We encourage donors to take one more step and share their positive experiences with their family and friends. These important conversations will encourage more people to donate blood regularly, or be advocates or volunteers at the blood banks.

Blood donation is not just a way of giving back to society. It also strengthens our resilience as a nation.

We would like to use this opportunity to thank donors who stepped forward over the last three weeks. This remarkable act of solidarity is what makes us proud to be Singaporean. Let's keep up with this spirit and make blood donation a way of life.

Prakash Menon

Blood Donor Programme Director

Singapore Red Cross

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