Forum: Better to focus on outcomes and how to resolve issues

Forum writer Jim Simon's observation that, too often, traffic warning cones are placed too close to roadwork sites to be of much use is not a new one (No sign placed at an earlier point to warn motorists, Oct 6).

I have previously written to the Land Transport Authority on this issue, the last time in 2018.

The reply I got was an elaboration on the Code of Practice that is already in place and what contractors are required to do.

However, despite the existence of the code, the problem still seems to persist and I have since stopped providing feedback on the issue.

I am less concerned about what measures are already in place than with ensuring something is done and that motorists will not face the same problem.

On Oct 3, Forum writer Yao Chee Liew rightly pointed out that poor workmanship and lack of quality control resulting in gaps at the edge of road gratings was a case of good design that still resulted in poor outcomes (Drain gratings: Design improved but gaps still exist).

These incidents illustrate the need for agencies to focus on final outcomes and ensure such outcomes are maintained.

Responses to feedback should not just focus on repeating to users the measures that are already in place.

While it is good for users to know these measures, the impression given at times is that the replies are more focused on the agency having done its part and how it is not to blame.

It will instead be more meaningful for users to know that the issue will be resolved, not just after the feedback but for good, via continued monitoring and enforcement.

Peh Chwee Hoe

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