Forum: Better safety rules needed for walkers and bikers on park connectors

I agree fully with the views of Mr Frank Lim Choo Beng (Enforce cycling speed limit at Rail Corridor, June 22). I use the Rail Corridor to walk with my wife, and cycle with my friends.

High-speed cyclists, mostly on road bikes, are indeed a grave safety threat. A few nearly knocked into me when I was there walking or biking.

But as a cyclist, I'm also annoyed by pedestrians who walk uncaringly two or three abreast on this path. They are inviting harm to themselves. My wife and I always walk single file.

A 69-year-old friend had a very bad accident recently. He was cycling leisurely at a park connector, when a pedestrian suddenly strayed into his path. To avoid the person, he had to swerve right, and a high-speed road bike going in the opposite direction crashed into him. As a result, both his legs were broken and he will be immobilised for four to six months.

Do set down better safety rules for both walkers and bikers on park connectors. Let's be courteous and share this wonderful network for all to enjoy safely.

Leong Horn Kee