Forum: Being considerate to fellow road users is key to safety

I applaud the recent recommendations made by the Active Mobility Advisory Panel (Amap) to improve safety around on-road cycling (Review panel seeks limit of 10 on-road bicycles in a group, Oct 2).

Being considerate to fellow road users and exercising common sense would be a sustainable long-term strategy. One does not have to break any law to be deemed inconsiderate.

Singapore motorists should exercise due consideration when they see cyclists in a single file ahead of them.

I have witnessed cars overtaking such cyclists, only to make an immediate left turn, forcing the cyclists to brake. Instead, these motorists should be patient, and keep behind the cyclists.

Allowing cyclists to ride abreast in groups (on multi-lane roads) would enhance the visibility of cyclists and discourage dangerous overtaking manoeuvres. These groups would simulate a "slow-moving vehicle". However, cyclists should also be considerate and stay in one unit as a "vehicle".

I have seen vehicles safely overtaking a group of cyclists, only to have these cyclists "split up" and "reform" in front of the same vehicle whenever there is a slowdown in traffic speed.

Cyclists should also refrain from hogging an entire lane during peak-hour traffic, and the authorities should consider regulating this.

Any attempts to shape behaviour on our roads should be geared towards the safety of cyclists.

That being said, responsible motorists should not be unduly penalised when errant cyclists get hurt or killed as a result of their own carelessness or recklessness.

The majority of Singaporean cyclists are considerate and safe. There are, however, cyclists who do not adhere to the regulations.

These cyclists may be seen cycling (often abreast) against single-lane one-way traffic on Tyersall Avenue (just before Gallop Road), posing a danger to themselves and other road users.

Despite formal complaints, the authorities have been unable to address this issue adequately.

Kevin Sng

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