Forum: Be socially responsible and get Covid-19 jab

I am 67 years old, and I took my Covid-19 booster jab last Saturday.

All I did was walk into Jalan Besar Community Club, and it was done in less than an hour.

Apart from a slightly sore arm and a day of fatigue, I was up and about after a good rest.

Governments across the globe have been exhorting their people to get vaccinated to cut the chain of infection.

It is baffling to read that many are resisting, some with violence, and some are suing their governments for policies that they deem as infringing on their human rights.

This surely cannot be what the principles of democracy are meant to achieve. What is the point of democracy and human rights when all are dead?

So, I hope all those who are eligible for vaccination will exercise social responsibility and get their jabs.

Ong Soon Leong

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