Forum: Be mindful of vaccine fatigue in rolling out booster shots

The multi-ministry task force tackling Covid-19 has said that it will look out for serious illness rather than daily case numbers as Singapore moves towards its goal of learning to live with Covid-19 (Booster shots for seniors start this month; Covid-19 curbs stay for now, Sept 4).

As the country presses on with its vaccination programme and begins administering booster shots, people must once again be persuaded to be vaccinated again. Some may be reluctant to go through the whole process again.

As new Covid-19 variants arise and test the efficacy of the various vaccines, further booster shots may become necessary.

The Government should keep vaccination fatigue in mind as it rolls out the booster programme.

There must be campaigns to educate the population so that people are mentally prepared.

While we embark on the route towards treating Covid-19 as endemic, I hope our leaders will consider all scenarios carefully. It is not an easy task and I thank them for managing the crisis well so far.

Kevin Lee C.Y.

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