Forum: Ban on cats in flats needed as people are still not responsible

Reading the article, "When dogs - and smoking - are allowed in flats, but cats are banned" (June 26), I think the writer's howls of injustice for our feline friends are misdirected at the authorities, who were just doing their job when they implemented this ban.

Despite the ban, if a cat lover is responsible and considerate and the cat does not pose any issues to neighbours, there really is no reason for the authorities to go banging on doors to check if someone is harbouring a banned creature. The ban is in place to protect the peace in our HDB corridors.

For those who are truly trying to change the status quo, instead of lamenting how unfair it is or trying to challenge the rules, perhaps they should reflect on their behaviour first and look out for the supposed cat lovers who are sabotaging this endeavour.

For example, so-called cat lovers in my block feed strays but do not clear the leftovers, which attract pests at the lift lobby. The cats also play along the corridors, and climb into homes or chew up items left outside. They also sometimes leave faeces behind.

Yet, despite all this, nobody has claimed responsibility and those affected can only put up with it silently.

The irresponsible behaviour of some cat lovers shows the ban is still needed.

Tan Eng Kwang

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