Forum: AVS working with tenants to improve The Animal Lodge

We refer to the letters "Address poor conditions of dogs in shelters" (Nov 3) and "Take fresh look at situation at The Animal Lodge" (Nov 6). We thank the writers for their feedback and suggestions.

The Animal Lodge was developed by the then Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority in 2018 as an option for pet businesses and animal shelters to house their animals, because the leases for their premises in Loyang, Seletar and Lim Chu Kang were expiring.

Throughout the design and construction of the facility, tenants were engaged, and their feedback was taken in where possible, including the design of the kennels and units.

Since the Animal and Veterinary Service (AVS), a cluster under the National Parks Board, took over the management of The Animal Lodge in April 2019, we have had regular discussions with the tenants and have made improvements to the facility.

These include planting more trees to provide shade, installing waste filters to reduce choking in the drains, replacing wall tiles in non-commercial units, installing new signs for easier navigation around the facility and adding road humps to slow down traffic for the safety of the animals and their walkers.

AVS is committed to improving the facility further.

In addition to the existing 17 turfed dog runs, we are constructing a 300 sq m concrete dog run which will provide the animals with a bigger space for social activities and exercise programmes. Works for the dog run are targeted to begin next year.

We have also engaged the tenants to explore further improvements to the air circulation in the facility and to prevent rain from splashing into the units.

We agree that our tenants can contribute to outreach and education efforts, and have been working closely with them on programmes such as Pets' Day Out, where we conduct re-homing drives and give talks on pet care with our volunteers. The next Pets' Day Out will be held on Dec 4.

AVS will continue to work closely with The Animal Lodge tenants to protect and safeguard the animals' health and welfare.

Jessica Kwok

Group Director

Community Animal Management

National Parks Board

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