Forum: Assisted living flats not suited for those who need permanent help with daily activities

I am happy to see that assisted living is finally coming to Singapore (S'pore's 1st HDB flats for assisted living up for sale in February, Dec 11).

The Ministry of National Development's press release mentioned community activities organised by an on-site community manager, which I hope will be meaningful and include trips to restaurants as well as overseas. The event manager could also get residents to volunteer at charities.

One aspect of this assisted living project that I do not like is that people who require permanent assistance with activities of daily living will be given priority. If one requires permanent assistance with daily activities, then a retirement-village-type of assisted living is not a good fit. One would not be able to meaningfully enjoy the community events that are organised.

Such seniors should be looked after at nursing/care homes. People like me who are attracted to retirement villages want to live in a happy place. One where we are exposed to daily scenes of illness, suffering or death is not ideal.

Assisted living flats are very different from nursing/care homes. Assisted living flats are more relevant for more mobile residents who enjoy some assistance and communal living.

Colin Loh Yoon Fui

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