Forum: Another plea to help sufferers of second-hand smoke

The dangers of even small amounts of second-hand smoke are well-documented and medically proven.

I think it is ironic that people have the right to clean air when in public, but we do not have a right to clean air in our own homes.

At least in public spaces you have the option to move away from the smoke, but you do not have that option in your home and we now feel like prisoners.

The available Community Mediation Centre and Community Disputes Resolution Act routes may not be effective in mitigating such issues because it takes time, effort and expense, not to mention immense emotional and psychological pressure on the complainant's part to see things through to the end.

And what's worse, there are no guarantees that the case will be resolved in the complainant's favour, and the situation might be exacerbated if unsuccessful.

There must be a clear-cut law to address this situation.

I know that this has been brought up in Parliament previously and it was also debated whether any law would be an intrusion into people's right to live how they like in their own homes.

While I totally agree that people have a right to do what they like in their own homes, there must also be laws in place to ensure those actions do not harm people around them.

This is a plea to the Government to fix this oversight for all the thousands of silent sufferers of second-hand smoke out there.

Lynnette Lisa Ling Foong Lesslar