Forum: Amount of rubbish at Pulau Ujong breakwater is striking

I visited the Pulau Ujong breakwater for the first time recently, and my takeaway was that Singaporeans do not deserve such beautiful public spaces if we do not know how to cherish and respect them.

What struck me about the place was not just its beauty, but also the litter and bags of rubbish. Litter could be seen from the side road, where visitors park their cars, all the way to the breakwater.

Bags of fast food and other food waste were left on the side of the road, while litter of all kinds - including used plastic water bottles, empty beer cans, food containers and tissue - was left on the breakwater.

Litter left on the breakwater will ultimately be washed into the sea, which will contribute to the bigger problem of marine trash.

The litter situation had not changed when I went back again a week after my first visit to the breakwater, parts of which seem to be cordoned off for now.

It is unacceptable to leave trash behind. It does not take much effort to pack up any rubbish and take it to the nearest rubbish bin.

I observed that there was only one bin in the area near the breakwater, which was full of rubbish on both my visits.

Users of public spaces should take greater care of these places in Singapore.

Jennifer Lee Hui Chuen