Forum: Amend workfare scheme for better support

I read with interest the letter "Targeted solutions may be needed for different groups of low-wage workers" (Aug 31).

I suggest that the Workfare Income Supplement (WIS) scheme be tweaked to top up the salaries of the bottom 20 per cent of workers, including the self-employed, who earn a gross monthly income of up to $2,033.

In other words, anyone who earns less than the benchmark amount of $2,033 will receive the difference topped up via WIS, ensuring that those who need more support get it.

To maximise strategic impact, payouts can be used only for paying utilities (including Internet and phone bills), public transport, insurance policies, disability/assistive support and essential groceries.

Quotas can be set to prevent abuse and unused payouts can be transferred to MediSave or converted into SkillsFuture credits, depending on what each individual prefers.

Eric Chen Yixiong

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