Forum: Allowing walk-in admissions at swimming complex has created more problems

As someone who has spinal and knee injuries, I have benefited from swimming three times a week at Toa Payoh Swimming Complex.

Under phase two (heightened alert) measures, 17 online bookings and 11 walk-in bookings are allowed for each one-hour time slot.

This has created issues. For the 6.30am time slot, for example, those who arrive the earliest have been placing bags to reserve the rest of the walk-in bookings for their family members and friends.

In some cases, people have arrived as early as 5.20am only to find that there are no walk-in bookings left for the 6.30am time slot. This has led to altercations.

I believe that Sport Singapore's intentions when instituting the current policy - to help non-IT-savvy seniors through walk-in admission - were good, but things have not worked out in practice. Instead, more problems have been created.

I suggest that the booking system be changed. Make all bookings online-only. With most people currently working from home, there is a good chance that non-IT-savvy seniors have someone at home who can help them make a booking. Limit bookings to three per person per week.

Pools that are patronised by more seniors should reserve the 6.30am slot for them. This would allow them to travel at a time when there are fewer people out and about in public.

All seniors want is to keep fit and not be a burden to the healthcare system and their family.

Julia Sng-Thng