Forum: Allow drinks to be sold at Suzuki Cup matches for fans' comfort

I attended the Asean Football Federation Suzuki Cup matches between Timor-Leste and Thailand, and Singapore and Myanmar on Sunday and encountered some issues at the National Stadium.

No food and drinks were sold there, which meant I had to endure thirst and hunger for more than 180 minutes over the two matches. I am in my 60s and have health issues, and I hope that the organisers could allow food and drinks to be sold.

I also saw a man, who had taken his young children to the stadium, being told that his children would not be able to take their water bottles in. The security officer told the father to leave the water bottles and to collect them after the game, leading to the children throwing a tantrum.

While I understand the sale of drinks is not allowed due to Covid-19 safe management rules, I feel that the authorities can perhaps make an exception and allow this for football games.

Drums and flags have also been banned from the stadiums. But I noticed that clappers were used during the games - do they not generate as much noise as drums?

Local football fans who watch the English Premier League and La Liga on TV can see spectators using drums and flying flags. Food and drinks are also sold in the entrance area of stadiums in Europe.

It has been seven years since Singapore last hosted the Suzuki Cup, and fans are just happy to be able to watch live football again.

I really hope the local authorities will allow drinks to be sold, and that fans can fly their countries' flags and banners and beat their drums, as all these really help create a lively atmosphere for spectators. Otherwise, they may as well sit at home and watch the games on TV.

Vengadasalam Rengayyan

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