Forum: Allow customers to make online payments via computers, not just smartphones

Up to last year, SP allowed its customers to enrol for recurring credit card payments with DBS/POSB.

But last year, it informed them that it would switch the payment platform used to process the recurring credit card payments to the SP Utilities app.

When I called SP last year, I was told that I could do the switch on SP's website on Jan 1 this year, via a PC or laptop as an alternative to using a smartphone to download the app.

But on Jan 1, I found it was not so. The only way to set up the payment is to download the app via a smartphone.

Would the authorities please comment on whether Singapore's digitalisation journey is now at the point where other modes of Internet transaction are disallowed and everyone is forced onto smartphones?

I am puzzled as to why people are not allowed to use their PCs or laptops instead.

To make matters worse, the credit card will now be charged seven days before the payment due date. Previously, the card was charged on the same day as the payment due date.

Why has the charge date been brought forward?

This is the second case of a Government-linked enterprise giving the public no alternatives.

The earlier case was that of Singtel, which did not allow the paper option for the election of scrip dividends, citing that it had more than 1.1 million shareholders.

This does not give the minority a way out if they have no computer or smartphone to use the Internet.

Ang Chiew Leng