Forum: All organisations here should accept use of digital IC

I was at a branch of the Automobile Association of Singapore (AAS) on Friday to apply for an international driving permit.

When asked to produce my NRIC and driving licence, I showed an employee my digital NRIC and driving licence on the Singpass app. But I was shocked to be told that both were not acceptable and only the physical documents could be used.

When I informed her that the digital NRIC and driving licence are now accepted by many institutions, she replied that this applied to only government agencies and not private institutions like AAS.

The digital NRIC is accepted as proof of identity for more than 2,000 digital and in-person services, even for account opening and loan applications at banks. I have used the digital NRIC with other private institutions too.

It is thus puzzling that an established organisation like AAS refuses to recognise digital versions of the NRIC and driving licence.

While I agree that physical documents may be needed when we are abroad, the digital versions on the Singpass app should be accepted by all in Singapore.

Kate Ho Koon In

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