Forum: All citizens can be vigilant and prepared for war

What Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and other ministers said in Parliament about Russia attacking Ukraine is a wake-up call for all Singaporeans (S'pore imposes sanctions on Russia over Ukraine war, March 1).

Being a small country, we are vulnerable to all kinds of threats.

Nobody wants war, but if we are attacked, are we ready?

Some say we have our reservists and enough male citizens to handle such a situation.

But in times of war, to protect our sovereignty, all citizens have a role to play.

Female citizens can be trained to use weapons like rifles and hand grenades. They can also learn basic survival skills and basic medical knowledge on treating gun wounds.

When our male citizens go to war, they will then not have to worry as much about their mothers, wives, sisters or daughters, because they know the women can better protect themselves.

Everyone has a part to play to protect our country. Let us prepare, and hope that we will not have to use these skills.

Elliot Taylor Hong

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