Forum: Address poor conditions of dogs in shelters

I recently visited The Animal Lodge in Sungei Tengah to view a 10-year-old dog, with the intention of adopting it. What I saw there was heartbreaking.

When my companion and I arrived at the location, we initially thought the two-storey buildings were warehouses. But the loud barking told us we were in the right place.

The concrete blocks have narrow windows, very little ventilation and sunlight, and no fresh air to clear the smell of dog poo and urine. Most of the compact cages or spaces had wet floors.

The dogs barked continuously and we could not hear clearly what the shelter manager was saying.

I wonder if the welfare of animals in shelters in Singapore has deteriorated.

Previously, at the animal shelters in Pasir Ris, the dogs used to be housed in huts with open areas, and they were free to roam around.

The rising cost of vet treatments has perhaps also led to more cases of pet abandonment.

I hope more can be done to improve the life of dogs in shelters.

Lee Ying

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