Forum: Action taken against idling of car engines

We refer to Mr Robert James Field McPhail's letter (Do more to curb idling of car engines, March 27).

The National Environment Agency (NEA) regularly monitors hot spots where motorists frequently leave their vehicle engines idling for reasons other than traffic conditions.

Last year, NEA took enforcement action against 3,800 motorists for idling engine offences. NEA also works with authorised vehicle inspection centres, vehicle fleet operators and the management of schools to raise awareness of idling engine regulations and promote compliance.

NEA has also installed signage at hot spots to remind motorists to switch off their vehicle engines when stationary.

We invite Mr McPhail to contact NEA via the online feedback form at or the myENV application so that we can address his specific feedback.

Cheang Kok Chung

Deputy Director-General

Environmental Protection

Group Director

Clean Environment Group

National Environment Agency