Forum: Accident claim still pending after eight months

I refer to Mr Lim Gee Wee's letter, "Unsuccessful motor insurance claim because other party did not report accident" (Jan 1).

Last May, I was involved in an accident with a police car.

I filed a police report and handed over my car dashboard camera's SD card for investigations.

I was also given a form to file an insurance claim against the police force.

My insurance company has sent numerous reminders to the police, but the replies it has received have said the same thing - that the claim is still pending.

The claim amount is not huge, and I cannot understand why the claim is taking so many months to be processed.

I am in a similar situation as Mr Lim, in that I may be left with the option of making a claim on my own insurance, which would affect my premium and no-claims discount.

I hope my case can be resolved soon as the claim has been pending for almost eight months and my next insurance premium is due soon.

See Swee Tin

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