Forum: Acceptance of Covid-19 measures for Chinese New Year is heartening

From keeping to eight distinct visitors a day to no shouting or cheering while tossing yusheng, Chinese New Year will be vastly different this year (8 visitors a day and no shouting while tossing yusheng: 8 ways CNY will be different this year, Jan 23).

It is a pity that a usually bustling and lively occasion has been disrupted this way due to the Covid-19 crisis. That being said, what is heartening is the response by Singaporeans.

While there are laments regarding such restrictions, many Singaporeans still understand the importance of having them.

This act of understanding, accepting and respecting these rules shows how our society has matured over this past year.

We learnt that we are not just protecting ourselves in this process, but rather, protecting the people we love.

Bethany Chong Yu Lin, 18

Graduated JC2 student


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