Forum: Abuse of common corridors is safety hazard

Recently, the issue of cluttered common corridors resurfaced in the news after fires broke out in Housing Board flats. This problem also occurs in private condominiums.

The common corridors are already so narrow, yet personal items such as slippers, shoes, newspapers and bicycles are sometimes stacked up everywhere, leaving little room for neighbours to walk.

I have even observed wet open umbrellas blocking the passageway. The rainwater dripping on the corridor makes the floor slippery and may cause someone to slip and fall.

One wonders what brought about such inconsiderate behaviour. How is it that people are not able to keep their personal belongings within the confines of their homes?

Should people be reminded on values like respect for common spaces, consideration for others and being aware of possible hazards that may affect safety?

Jessie Ee Leong Choo (Dr)

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