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Share plans for Sembawang Shipyard

I was excited to read about the rejuvenation of the Paya Lebar Air Base area due in the 2030s (Airport runway could be a focal point of new town in Paya Lebar, June 7).

Perhaps the Government can also look at Sembawang Shipyard, which is due to move to Tuas by 2024.

The residents in Sembawang are concerned that there is little or no news of development plans for the shipyard. I hope the authorities can share their plans with the residents in the northern part of Singapore.

Mark Lee

Switch off unnecessary lights in the day

So many lights are turned on during the daytime in Singapore, even in the afternoon when the sun is shining.

Corridors, coffee shops, signs and decorations are all brightly lit.

Without compromising safety, let us turn

off the lights and care more for the environment.

Lim Kim Hoon

Four pillars for a successful company

I read associate editor Vikram Khanna's article with interest (Why "customers first" is the ultimate winning strategy, June 8).

Based on my observations over the years, a company that wants to succeed and last has to consider the relationship of four pillars: shareholders, management, employees and customers.

All four must be treated as equal partners. If the company treats one above the others, over the long term it will stress the other pillars and the company will surely disintegrate.

Keith Wong

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