Cleanliness of public toilets still an issue

The cleanliness of public toilets is still an issue that needs to be addressed.

If public toilets in Changi Airport and high-end shopping malls can be kept clean, I see no reason why the public toilets in some MRT stations, markets and coffee shops cannot be kept clean too.

Here, I am referring to the odour and cleanliness of the toilet area.

Both of these can be improved if the cleaners are given the proper equipment with proper instructions on how to use it to keep the air fresh and toilet bowls clean.

Supervisors should also inspect the toilets regularly throughout the work day.

Members of the public also have a role to play in helping to keep public toilets clean.

If it takes a campaign to instil in people the habit of helping to keep toilets clean, then I hope the authorities step in to make this happen. Now is also a good time, with the focus on hygiene during this pandemic.

Florence Veronica Minjoot

A version of this article appeared in the print edition of The Straits Times on September 15, 2021, with the headline 'Cleanliness of public toilets still an issue'. Subscribe