Bouquets: Thankful for ambulance crew's professionalism

I would like to commend Mr Yassim and his crew of ambulance QX2089D who responded to my emergency call on Tuesday around 11.30pm.

My mother had been unwell the day before and went to a clinic where she tested positive for Covid-19. The doctor said hers was a mild case suitable for recovery and isolation at home.

However, her oxygen concentration level dipped to 92 the next day and hovered around that level, while her breathing was heavier than before. These symptoms coupled with a few serious underlying medical conditions prompted me to call for an ambulance.

On arrival, Mr Yassim listened patiently to my family's brief on my mother's conditions while his team members proceeded to check my mother's vital signs.

I was very reassured by the calm and professionalism demonstrated by Mr Yassim throughout our interaction. He was very helpful in addressing our concerns and patiently answered all our questions.

During this period of a sharp spike in Omicron cases when the ambulance services are stretched to their limits, the ambulance crew were still able to maintain a high level of care and professionalism.

A big thank you to Mr Yassim and his crew, and to all his colleagues in the ambulance services for their unyielding efforts and commitment. Much thanks also to the officer who took my emergency 995 phone call, who was also most helpful and reassuring.

We are very fortunate to have an ambulance service which delivers such a high level of service despite these most trying of times.

Ng Siew Cheng

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