Bouquets: Grateful to be gainfully employed under traineeship programme

In this job-scarce climate, it has been challenging for many to secure good jobs. Hence, I applaud the Government's efforts in providing high-quality and valuable traineeships for fresh graduates like myself, under the SGUnited Traineeships Programme, and for supporting us through this difficult period (Traineeships a mixed bag of experiences for graduates, Jan 10).

A few months before I was due to graduate, the pandemic hit. As the economy worsened, I feared I might not have a job upon graduation.

About a month before I was due to graduate, the Association of Women for Action and Research offered me a communications executive role under the traineeship programme.

I am grateful to have been gainfully employed these months and I look forward to seeing how this period of my life shapes me and my future career.

Camillia Deborah Dass