Bouquets: Deeply affirmed by portrayal of special needs individuals in drama series

My mum and I enjoyed watching local drama series Your World In Mine.

We felt so deeply affirmed by the show's intimate portrayal of caregiver burnout, disability and mental illness, all of which were familiar territory, having experienced it ourselves to a lesser extent with my older non-speaking autistic brother's issues with articulating himself through language. I, like my late brother, have muscular dystrophy, a condition for which a third of survivors are on the spectrum of neurodivergence due to its neurological nature.

Richie Koh's poignantly emotive performance in his role as the main protagonist gave me and my mum comfort, renewed hope and tremendous joy, as we lost my brother to muscular dystrophy-induced heart failure in 2019.

I was particularly touched by the effort and sincerity the cast members and production team demonstrated in investing significant time and resources to connect with real-life special needs individuals and families.

Shalom Lim Ern Rong

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