Better coordination needed for projects

I thank the Government for replacing the water pipes in the roads in Namly estate.

The contractor is to be congratulated for doing the job under difficult conditions where most of the roads were obstructed by parked cars often left there all day.

Shortly after the new pipes were laid, another contractor re-surfaced the affected roads and redrew the white and yellow lines.

But now, there is a new contract to connect the new water pipe to each existing house, which means that the recent road re-surfacing will be ruined and will probably have to be done again.

While each contractor has done a good job under difficult conditions, there is clearly a lack of coordination in carrying out such projects. The re-surfacing and line painting should have been the last job to be done.

In fact, I have also seen many roads that look perfectly fine being re-surfaced. Perhaps this is done at a regular interval for every road, but the criteria for re-surfacing should instead be the road's condition.

A lot of money would be saved with better coordination, and could be far better spent on many other government projects to the public's benefit, particularly during these difficult times.

Singapore's roads are maintained extremely well, as a visit to any of our neighbouring countries would illustrate.

Peter Arnold

A version of this article appeared in the print edition of The Straits Times on April 09, 2021, with the headline 'Better coordination needed for projects'. Subscribe