Watch Derby the dog run on 3D-printed prosthetic legs

ROCK HILL, South Carolina - Derby the dog running on his prosthethic legs is a sight that will bring tears to most eyes.

Born with deformed front legs, the dog had to hobble around on his elbows, or rely on a wheeled cart, which limited his mobility.

His original owners did not know how to care for him, and sent him to a shelter - Peace and Paws, to be euthanised.

Tara Anderson, who works at 3D Systems, decided to foster Derby and try to help him get some new legs.

Using 3D modelling and printing technology, the company devised "elbow cups" that allows Derby to run with maximum mobility.

In August, Derby was adopted by Dom and Sherri Portanova, who saw the dog through the 3D printing process with Anderson.

Watching the adorable Derby sprint with joy on his new legs is just an amazing sight.



"The first time he was put on them and he took off running, he was just so happy... I was just amazed at how well he did," said Mrs Portanova.

Derby now runs with the Portanovas every day, and has his own Facebook page.