Wacky But True! A new video quiz series for young learners

Wacky But True! is an interactive trivia quiz for kids to pick up fun facts. In this pilot episode, we dive into the wonderful world of the animal kingdom.

Ever wondered how long a Komodo dragon can live, or how many stomach compartments a cow has?

A new interactive video series, Wacky But True!, will tell you all this and more.

The series is presented in a quiz format to allow children to pick up fun and quirky facts and play along with their parents or grandparents.

Little scientists and bookworms can try their hand at answering multiple-choice questions about everything from animals and the human body to famous authors and inventions.

Colourful graphics and a countdown timer make each episode feel more like an exploration rather than an examination.

Hosted and produced by multimedia correspondent Yeo Sam Jo, Wacky But True! is a collaboration with Little Red Dot, a weekly publication by The Straits Times for primary school pupils.