Running of the Bulls leaves several injured

The first day (July 7) of the Running of the Bulls at the San Fermin festival has taken place in the northern Spanish city of Pamplona with a total of eleven runners injured.

Three of those taken to hospital are reported to be in a serious condition after being gored by bull horns. Two of the three men are said to be from the United States and the other injured man is from the United Kingdom.

The six animals from the Jandilla stockbreeders took just 2 minutes 23 seconds to make their way through the streets of Pamplona to the city's bullring.

The notoriously slippery surface of the route, due to the previous night's revelry, led many of the bulls to lose their footing. Every year thousands of tourists from Spain and across the world descend on Pamplona to take part in the San Fermin festival.

One man, Larry Belcher, from theUnited States who lives in the Spanish city of Valladolid, explained the ritual he has been going through over the past 40 years that he has been taking part in the Running of the Bulls.

Another tourist from the U.S. city of Houston in Texas, Peter C. Remington, is celebrating his 25th year taking part in the Running of the Bulls.

The Jandilla bulls that ran through the streets of the city on Tuesday morning will take part in a bull fight at Pamplona's bull ring later today.