The Big Story: Wakes for Lucky Plaza accident victims, first day of zero-tolerance stance against e-scooters on footpaths

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Helmed by multimedia correspondent Hairianto Diman, the episode airs live from ST's digital studio.

In Thursday's (Jan 2) episode, journalist Timothy Goh spoke to friends of the victims of the Lucky Plaza accident and other members of the Filipino community who gathered at the wakes for the two women.

Next, Indonesia correspondent Wahyudi Soeriaatmadja gives an update on the flood situation in Jakarta, and talks about the plans by the Indonesian government in the coming days to help with the situation.

Lastly, journalist Michelle Ng talks about the first day of the zero-tolerance approach against electric-scooter riders caught on footpaths, and shares first-hand experience of the situation on the ground.

In #WhatsTrending, multimedia journalist Renee Poh looks at the stories trending online.

In Thursday's segment, she talks about Pope Francis' apology for a viral slapping incident, Mariah Carey getting hacked on Twitter and Thailand's plastic bag ban.

Topics covered in previous episodes of The Big Story include Singtel-Grab bid for digital bank licence, the activities to look out for in the 2020 countdown and the rise in piracy incidents in the Singapore Strait.