The Big Story: Radicalised Bangladeshi construction worker arrested for terrorism-related activities

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On Tuesday (Nov 24), the Home Affairs Ministry announced that the authorities have investigated 37 people and deported 16 foreigners as part of intensified security efforts in the wake of terror attacks in France and elsewhere.

A radicalised 26-year-old Bangladeshi construction worker was also detained under the Internal Security Act on Nov 2 for terror-related activities.

Singapore editor Zakir Hussain will weigh in on the trends observed for the profiles of those who have been radicalised, and the Home Team's capabilities and processes in catching these terrorism threats.

Meanwhile, non-subsidised hawker stallholders who wish to retire will now be able to pass on their stalls to non-relatives, in a new hawker succession scheme proposed by a workgroup set up to safeguard hawker culture in Singapore.

We will speak to the chairman of the hawker division at the Federation of Merchants' Associations, Mr Anthony Low, on whether this scheme addresses the problems that hawkers face in the trade.

We will also share the latest news in Singapore and around the world.


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