The Big Story: PAP unveils first slate of GE2020 candidates; Lee Hsien Yang joins PSP

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On Wednesday (June 24), the People's Action Party (PAP) unveiled its first slate of candidates for the upcoming general election.

Separately, Mr Lee Hsien Yang, the estranged brother of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, has joined Progress Singapore Party, but did not express if he would be contesting this election.

We speak to deputy political editor Royston Sim on these developments.

We also bring highlights of an interview with Law and Home Affairs Minister K. Shanmugam on the issues that political parties should focus on this election including matters of economy and healthcare, as well as stepped up cybersecurity measures to combat misinformation during this election.

We round up the interview with artistic director of Bhaskar's Arts Academy, Mrs Santha Bhaskar, who produced the dance performance titled Prati Sandhi (Reunion) as part of the 30 Days of Art with NAC series.

Topics covered in previous episodes of The Big Story include the announcement of the 2020 General Election, and the cancellation of this year's F1 Singapore Grand Prix.

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