The Big Story: London Bridge attack becomes an election issue, China's growing presence in S'pore and Dyson starts forming new research teams

SINGAPORE - Catch up with the hottest topics on The Straits Times' weekday talk show.

The Big Story, broadcast every weekday at 5.30pm on Facebook and YouTube, has reporters and senior editors discussing the top stories of the day, in the heart of the newsroom.

Helmed by multimedia correspondent Hairianto Diman, the episode airs live from ST's digital studio.

In Monday's (Dec 2) episode, assistant foreign editor Lim Ai Leen talks about how the the London Bridge attack has led to security becoming a major issue in the upcoming British election.

Senior correspondent Tan Ee Lyn will then discuss China's growing business presence in Singapore and what this means for the Republic's economy.

Lastly, deputy business editor Poon Chian Hui shares more about technology company Dyson, which has started assembling new research teams in Singapore, in line with the move to its new headquarters at St James Power Station in 2021.

In #WhatsTrending, multimedia journalist Kimberly Jow discusses the stories trending on the Internet.

In Monday's segment, she talks about a PMD rider punching a BMW, updates to the collapse of the PIE viaduct, and how Singapore teams are doing at the SEA Games.

Topics covered in previous episodes include the sudden death of celebrity Godfrey Gao, Hong Kong election results and the Black Friday craze.