The Big Story: Infectious diseases expert calls out Covid-19 vaccine misinformation

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There were four new coronavirus cases reported at noon on Wednesday (June 9), the lowest daily number of cases in Singapore since Feb 23, when there were also four cases.

Today's count includes two cases in the community, with one currently unlinked.

A senior infectious diseases specialist, Associate Professor David Lye, has spoken up against misinformation being spread about Covid-19 vaccines by doctors, among others.

In a Facebook post on Monday, the clinician-researcher at the National Centre for Infectious Diseases said that he hopes to correct certain messages and petitions making the rounds which have caused him to have sleepless nights.

Assoc Prof Lye tells us his motivations behind writing the Facebook post. He also weighs in on concerns from parents about getting their children vaccinated.

Looking overseas, the Special Asean-China Foreign Ministers' Meeting in the Chinese city of Chongqing has concluded. Among the topics discussed were the tension in the South China Sea, and the Myanmar crisis.

China correspondent Elizabeth Law shares more on the discussions.