The Big Story: Twice as many potholes on S'pore roads due to persistent rain

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Road potholes have appeared across Singapore after heavy rain in the last several weeks, raising concern among motorists and cyclists alike.

According to the Land Transport Authority, a larger amount of water is seeping into cracks on road pavements because of prolonged rain recently. Continuous movement of vehicles causes the water to seep deeper into the cracks, causing the cracks to widen and eventually forming potholes.

Separately, a study published in The Lancet journal has found that three out of four patients still suffered from at least one symptom six months after falling sick with Covid-19, with the most common problem being fatigue or muscle weakness.

The study was done on 1,733 patients with a mean age of 57 years from Jin Yin-tan Hospital in Wuhan, China, and is the largest such study carried out to date.

We speak to Dr Asok Kurup, who chairs the Academy of Medicine's Chapter of Infectious Disease Physicians. He tells us if Singapore is seeing a similar situation among Covid-19 patients here and how these long-term effects can be managed.

Meanwhile, football rivals Liverpool and Manchester United will go head-to-head on Sunday night (Jan 17) for the Premier League title.

Sports correspondent Sazali Abdul Aziz assesses each side's chances and gives his score prediction.

We will also share the latest news in Singapore and around the world.


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