'Talking donkeys' entertain London


(REUTERS) - A self-proclaimed 'donkey whisperer' is encouraging people to better understand donkeys' emotions and mannerisms with the help of technology.

Mark Ineson, owner of 'Real Donkeys', has been studying the animals for more than 20 years and says they are very emotive creatures. The entertainment group Merlin Events has teamed up with 'Real Donkeys' to offer donkey rides "with a difference".

New technology allows children to hear the animals' brays translated into English. The technology behind the translators analyses the unique sounds, frequencies and vibrations of each donkey's "ee-aww", triggering a phrase that reflects what the donkey is feeling.  Families will be able to book free rides for children on these 'talking donkeys' in London's Jubilee Gardens until Thursday July 28.