Spot the dog: Pooch Momo wins the web in his canine version of Where's Wally?

Straits Times Animal Antics

Remember those Where's Wally? books that you pored over when you were a kid? Well, Canadian Andrew Knapp has created a doggy version, starrring his lovable male border collie, Momo.

The graphic designer started the photo series in September 2012 as a gift to his nieces and nephews.  The photos show the pooch blending into different backgrounds. 

He uploaded the pictures to his Instagram account with the hashtag FindMomo.

“I didn’t want it to be challenging. I wanted it to be fun,” the 31-year-old told Canadian newspaper The Star in an interview last year. 

Before he knew it, the five-year-old Momo became an online sensation. To date, Momo has nearly 300,000 Instagram followers.

Mr Knapp has also set up a Find Momo blog. And he has published a book, good for those who find trying to spot Momo while browsing the photos on a dinky phone screen too much of a strain on the eyes.

Many of the photos were taken during the pair's travel across North America in their trusty yellow, retro Volkswagen van. They have made appearances at bookshops and on TV.