Shell-shocked? Here's how to save the snails

Straits Times Animal Antics

Ever get that sickening feeling when you step out for a walk and hear a crunch as a snail gets under your foot?

Well, some snail vigilantes have taken to vandalising the gastropods' homes - that is, their shells - just so you won't overlook the gastropods.

Of course not everyone is of the paint-and-set-them-free school. Some people keep snails as pets (at least they move, unlike pet rocks) and want to add  colour to their snail tank.

Aching to show off your talent with the paint brush and brighten up your garden at the same time? Click on this how-to website.

For inspiration, visit the Stefan Silverud's blog, where the Swede shows you how he pimps his snails, and British snail sympathiser Slinkachu's blog.

Now, here's an idea for a rainy-day project with the kids!