Puppies shake, rattle and roll, and the Web goes wild

Shake puppies by Carli Davidson from Carli Davidson on Vimeo.

Straits Times Animal Antics

WHAT is cuter and funnier than dogs shaking their bodies? Puppies doing the same thing!

Riding on the success of her successful her 2011 book Shake, American photographer Carli Davidson released her new book, Shake Puppies, in October.

Finding models for the latest book was harder than for the first one, Ms Davidson told Weather.com, as she needed dogs under a year old, and she refused to work with unethical breeders. She worked with rescue shelters and pet owners as much as possible.

The shots were taken in her studio and the pet owners' homes.

It took patience, lots of it, to get the pups to cooperate.

Ms Davidson told Weather.com it took her an hour to photograph one puppy. And she shot 100 of them, with 70 making the cut into her book.

She described the sessions: "There was no shortage of cracking up on set: puppies falling asleep under the warm modelling lights, falling over after a long shake, attacking shoe laces, peeing on my camera bag. They were little clowns there for our entertainment.”

Ms Davidson spent seven years working in zoos and wildlife centres, training and caring for animals. 

Check out her website here.