World Press Photo 2022

Southeast Asia and Oceania - Honorable Mention

 This project documents the first month of protest in Yangon, Myanmar, after the military coup on Feb 1, 2021. Myanmar’s military carried out a coup deposing its democratically elected government and shattered a decade of political and social development. Over the course of the first week of the new dictatorship, protests began to grow, from small acts of defiance to a nationwide uprising that protesters began referring to as the Spring Revolution. The military met protests with deadly force and mass detention. The photographer is using an alias for protection. 

Thousands of pro-democracy pro​testers demanding the release of all politi​cal leaders as police block t​he road during an anti-coup p​rotest in Yangon, Myanmar, on Feb 9, 2021. The peaceful demonstration took place despite a heightened security presence and a ban on rallies of more than five people, as well as an 8pm to 4am curfew. Title: Uprising in Myanmar © Ta Mwe, Sacca Photo
A protester urging the military to restore democracy, duri​ng an anti-coup protest in Ya​ngon, Myanmar, on Feb 15, 2021. Title: Uprising in Myanmar © Ta Mwe, Sacca Photo
Flowers commemorating protester Chit Min Thu, at the spot where was shot dead by security forces using live ammunition, in Yangon, Myanmar, on Feb 11, 2021. Eleven other protesters died in the demonstration. Title: Uprising in Myanmar © Ta Mwe, Sacca Photo

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