Wings clipped and grounded

Graveyards are rarely the hottest tourist destination in a city.

But this one in Bangkok has become quite the draw for holidaymakers in recent years.

Located just off Ramkhamhaeng Road, the Thai capital's "Aeroplane Graveyard" is the final resting place of a Boeing 747 and two McDonnell Douglas MD-82 passenger jets.

While little is known of the origin of the planes, it is believed that the plot has been used to house junked planes since at least January 2010.

Locals believe that the planes are owned by a local businessman who is selling off their parts for scrap.

Even junk can offer some hidden opportunities for crafty businessmen, as the new "owners" of the planes have shown.

A few local families have moved into the area and taken over the hollowed-out aircraft.

Not only do they live in the planes, but they also make money by charging an entry fee for visitors to explore the decommissioned jets.

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