Up and away on a camping chair

While the elderly widower in the animated Pixar movie, Up, attached his entire house to colourful balloons, Mr Tom Morgan had only a camping chair for his ambitious balloon trip.

Mr Morgan reached heights of 2,438m near Johannesburg, South Africa, after spending two days inflating balloons with helium ahead of his flight, which he described as "magical".

The 38-year-old, who runs adventure company The Adventurists in Bristol, Britain, initially attempted to fly from Botswana but after several failed attempts, moved the challenge to South Africa.

Mr Morgan landed back on solid ground after about two hours, having had to pop the balloons as he received reports of strong winds approaching.

He plans to organise "the world's most ridiculous air race", and said the flight left him "more convinced than ever" about the feasibility of the event.

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