Twist in the weather: Tornado in Canada

Call it Twister Tuesday in Saskatchewan. The Canadian province witnessed a tornado following storms earlier this week.

Weather agency Environment Canada issued tornado warnings for Saskatchewan as meteorologists tracked a severe thunderstorm rumbling through the province at 20kmh.

The agency said damaging winds, hail and heavy rain were all possible.

It advised people to seek shelter on low floors, away from external walls and windows, in locations such as basements, stairwells or interior closets.

Meanwhile, social media lit up as people shared photos of storm activity in different locations.

Tornadoes form in unstable atmospheric conditions and can travel up to 70kmh. Some are strong enough to destroy buildings and uproot trees.

Canada has the second highest number of tornadoes annually in the world, after the United States.

The twisters are most frequent in the southern provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario.


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