Tree springs to life from the Dead Sea

There is life still left in the Dead Sea yet, as this tree rising from a salt formation in the water body proves.

But, with its water level dropping at an alarming 1m a year, experts are worried at how fast this extremely salty lake between Jordan and Israel is shrinking.

This is mainly attributed to less water flowing to the Dead Sea from the Jordan River, as demands of a growing population rise.

Researchers have looked at various ways to save the lake, including constructing a huge pipeline to bring water from the Red Sea located farther to the south, according to a BBC report.

Meanwhile, life goes on near this unique natural phenomenon.

Despite the Dead Sea's fearsome reputation of being hostile to most organisms, some have adapted very well to its hypersaline conditions.

And, of course, tourists continue to flock there to check out the much-publicised health benefits of the mineral-rich water.

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